Who are we?

Team of engineers passionate about using technological progress to address environmental challenges.

What are we doing?

Our development optimizes electricity consuming appliances to serve bigger purpose - turning them into grid scale (megawatt and up) distributed energy resource.

What is in it for me?

Your electricity consuming appliance can either save you money, generate an income, or both. It will also become remotely controllable and safer. Did we mention it also becomes environmentally friendly?


The challenge

Renewable sources become ubiquitous and generate more green power every year. However, their generation is weather dependent and often difficult to predict perfectly.The electricity grid must match missing supply or reduce demand.

Existing solutions

Typically, grids store the energy from peak generation time to use when generation is low. Energy storage is expensive. Like batteries you buy sometimes, only way way bigger and more expensive.

Our solution

We use power consuming appliances at home (currently water heaters) to mitigate intermittency. It works like storage, only much cheaper.

How does it work?

You get a device installed in your home, and an app working with it. You use your water heater as usual.

Any downsides?

We make sure there is no inconvenience neither to the owner (landlord) nor to tenant, and sufficient amount of hot water is available.

How can I join?

Send us an email and we will explain how we can make it happen together.